Spatial Memories

C H A P T E R    1


Our first task of the project is to go back to spaces that hold our memories, for me, this was the home I’m currently living in, and have lived in for 16 years since I was four.

My memory was focussed around a space that holds both precious memories that will last forever, as well as memories that would rather be forgotten. Spatial memory is such a powerful thing, that I hadn’t really picked up on until researching this task. So much emotion can come from a space, and the memories we associate with them.

My positive memory, which puts a smile on my face, and on those I tell it to, is when I was around the age between 6 years old and 12 years old. My little brother and I every Saturday morning like a ritual of clockwork would scurry down to my mothers and fathers bedroom (though mainly referred to as mothers room as father slept in spare bedroom because of his terrible snoring). My brother and I would creep into her bed, which as that stage of our lives was a huge space and crawl under the bed covers right down to the bottom and much on chocolate digestive (very popular english biscuit) and watch the American/Canadian animated children’s programme Arthur. We crawled to the bottom of the bed as we weren’t allowed crumbs in my mothers bed.

Fond memories like that can sometimes be overshadowed by negative memories of a certain space. Sadly when I was 18 (2 years ago) my mother passed away from Cancer. The space that once was full of warmth and happiness, was filled with sadness and death. In her last week she was moved to a hospice to pass away in, as interestingly relating memories to space, she didn’t want to pass away at home so that we as children wouldn’t relate her room to her passing. In her last weeks at home, her room was a place where I didn’t want to go, the cancer was eating away at her and the mother I was knew had disappeared. I was terrified of that room not wanting to go there, incase she had passed away suddenly and I didn’t want to be the one to witness that, so I avoided it at all cost. A space that I once rushed to on a Saturday morning had vanished into darkness.

In this project I really wanted to symbolise both the fond memories of the space as well as the sad ones, therefore I will now insert a few images that I took of the space to represent both kinds of memories.


In this image I wanted to capture the absence of the person, as this was the side my mother used to sleep on.


Un-made bed




This is a close up photo of the headboard, which I always rememberd thinking replicated a belly button


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