Spatial Memories

C H A P T E R   2


Our second task was to experiment with the media of film, to document our spatial memories of the space we have chosen. It was important for us to plan the short film out as every second counts towards putting the story behind the memory across. I first drew up a rough story board to plan the shots, which made it so much easier to choreograph. Here are stills of the short film I named ‘Bedroom’:

story 3.jpg


The film performs the story of my parents bed with two occupants shown through the slept in bed sheets on both sides of the bed and the close ups of  the 2 pairs of feet. It then rolls into the viewpoint of myself as a child climbing into the bed and crawling under the sheets to the bottom with my brother. Then there is a close up of the chocolate digestive being consumed messily and there was purposeful emphasis on the crumbs being made, I did this by slowing down the film for that frame. After this I reversed these shots like going back in time but erasing one person from the bed also symbolising the erasing of memory. This was demonstrated by only one side of the bed being occupied and only one pair of feet. The end result in my father getting into bed by himself and turning off the light to end the film, this represented both the ending of the film but then ending of a memory.

Lastly I chose a piano based backing track to the film which I felt suited the mood of the film especially by my choice of putting it into black and white all worked well aesthetically and tempo wise.


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